Version 3.1L of the DeSmet compiler is an "update" of DeSmet 3.1h compiler.

The manual for version 3.1h should be "close enough", since 3.1L is a bugfix release.
C88_31H.PDF. Be warned, it's 10.2MB.

If you want to take a crack at a smaller / better OCR'ed manual, please let me know. I can provide you with the .TIF's I scanned, or even a paper copy.

The copy of 3.1L I have is a download from the old DeSmet BBS, not an image of a distribution floppy.

Back in those days, there was a legal skirmish between SEA (.ARC files) and PKWARE (who made a .ARC compatible program in those days, before they created .ZIP files) (some history As a result, the original files are in an archive format I've never heard of, .DWC files. Even though the 3.1L distribution came with a .DWC extractor and documentation, I've put the actual DeSmet files in a .ZIP file for convenience. I'm also making the original .DWC distribution availble, just in case you want the "original flavor", or in case you have a need for a .DWC compressor/extractor. -- DeSmet 3.1L as a .ZIP file -- DeSmet 3.1L as a .DWC file with .DWC tools and docs

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