When I first started tracking down the DeSmet source, one of the first parts I found was the SEE source. But, I did not have permission to distribute it.

However, with the opening of the compiler source, the author has given me permission to open the SEE source as well.

It turns out that, in the old days, you could purchase the source to the SEE editor. If only I had known...

Fortunately, a kind old-time DeSmet user did purchase the source, and had a copy available that he could send me. SEE32SRC.ZIP

Please note, however, that the user made his own changes to the source, in part to implement color syntax highlighting. I've taken his "oldest" code and tried to remove his changes, but SEE.C may not be exactly the original source file.

If you are interested in the color syntax highlighting code, it is available as SEE32_C.ZIP. Note that I do not have an example of his syntax files, you are on your own in that regard.

The manual for SEE is available as part of C88_31H.PDF. Be warned, it's 10.2MB.

Despite the enhancements and bug-fixes in version 3.2, I still prefer version 2.4. Why? Because of a minor change that had a big impact on macro processing.

In version 2.4, Ctrl-LeftArrow put the cursor at the END of the previous word. In version 3.2, this was changed to put the cursor at the BEGINNING of the previous word.

So, for macro processing in version 2.4, I could use Ctrl-LeftArrow to go to the end of the previous column (or word) in a file. There was no equivalent ability in version 3.2, and so I stayed with the older version because the macro processing had a much more powerful tool.

The compiler need for the source is DeSmet C, version 3.1h

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