I have a fair amount of code and utilities for the DeSmet C compiler, but not a lot of time to organize it right now. I'll be adding more here later.

For some quick resources, I'm going to point you to
a website where I have a lot of my old floppies available for download, and some utilities for them written in DeSmet C.

For a current project written in DeSmet C, two good examples are PICEMU (PIC Emulator, a software simulator of several Microchip PIC processors) and PICDIS (PIC Disassembler, a disassembler for some Microchip PIC processors).

Along with the source code to the SEE editor, I can give you ED.C a limited but usable SEE clone I wrote many years ago.

It turns out (as I discovered via a Google search) that SEE is a clone of Intel's AEDIT editor (or maybe AEDIT is a clone of SEE, as the claimed date on AEDIT is 1986, and SEE existed years before that). There is also a modern AEDIT clone, MBEDIT, available (with source!) for DOS, Windows, Linux, and some other OSes.

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