People have been digging up some source code for DeSmet C, I'm going to make it available now "as-is" and add comments and documentation later. Sorry, but lately I haven't had time to breath, let alone do very much on the computer.

Thanks to J.T. for her kind contributions! is a collection of source routines for DeSmet, including serial communications and a basic Windowing package (not Microsoft Windows, just multiple "windows" on a DOS screen). contains the source to an Othello game, DGRAB (a "snake" game), and LEX (standard UNIX utility).

I've been given permission by my work, Athena Controls, to make available some work that I did for them this spring, but they have decided not to use.

We make industrial controllers, and want to add user programmability to our new multi-zone embedded control board. So, one month before a trade show, I was told to "make it so". I had been looking at PLC's, and so I wrote a ladder logic editor/compiler in DeSmet C (I was short of time, and so I used the tools I was most familiar with. But everyone these days seems to want a Windows program...) and a matching kernel for an Atmel ATmega 1281 / Atmel ATmega 2561 microprocessor in Codevision AVR C (that's what we use at work).

The source code to the ladder logic editor/compiler, and the matching kernel, are now available under the GPL. Enjoy, and please send any notable updates / bugfixes to me so I can update the TinyPLC source.

Tiny PLC, version 0.01a source, documentation, and executable

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